How I Returned To Hashem...

By: Zachariah Elbaz

My name is Zachariah Elbaz, son of two jewish to whom their religion isn’t that important. Since I was born, my parents never taught me anything about the mitzvot, the Torah and we used to celebrate goyim’s holidays. As a young boy, I was following my parents without asking, but I had always felt that a part of my identity was missing.

One day, as usual, I was chit chatting on the internet and I encountered a jewish person. I knew that I was jewish, because of my grandmother and other members of my family, so I started asking him multiple questions and it was fascinating. I finally felt that this missing part of my identity was coming back, after all these years. It was in August 2022.

The week after, I researched some jewish communities near me and I found one. It took a few weeks to gather the courage to go to the synagogue. Finally, I went to the 1st parasha of the year, Bereshit. After that, I went week after week after week to the synagogue, having an exponential sentiment of happiness and curiosity. Learning the Torah, how to put tefillin and how to eat kosher was like discovering myself at the same time to discover Hashem and know his commandments.

Right now, I wear a kippah, I pray and I finally follow the path of my ancestors and for that I have to say Barukh Hashem.

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Zachariah Elbaz

Zacharia is a baal teshuvah working his way back to hashem one day at a time building a closer connection to his maker. Follow his series on what he is learning and doing at shul.


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Likutey Moharan II, 48

The main thing is to not worry about the past. Instead, learn lessons from it and move on.

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