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If you would like to contribute articles on this site reach out to us via email and I can set you up. I offer three basic levels of support on the site. Free Membership, Paid Membership, and Premium Membership. Free members will be able to view and download everything as well as comment on posts and other features. The only difference is they will have their own profile and blog where they will post articles. My current thoughts are to have each sect that has a a blog on here to have a page where their hassidut and torah thoughts are stored so people visiting can view articles according to minhag.


Free Membership: 0.00 / Month

Simple user blogger and contributor to the site.

  • 2 advertising credits (You can buy more)
  • No private blog

This is a good idea for a Rabbi or business person who has the ability to purchase a membership. It will allow you the following features.

  • 25 Credits for advertisements (More can be purchased at a discount)
  • Two (2) member accounts (Good idea for a couple)
  • Private blog

Premium Membership: 30.00 / Month

This would be a good idea for a synagogue or shul to purchase, it will allow you a few features that other users will not have.

  • Premium Members Newsletter
  • Access to Staff
  • Premium chatroom
  • Five (5) members access
  • Group Private Blog
  • 10 advertising credits per member (50 credits for one person or 10 per…)
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Hasidic New Times

There will be a subscription service for users who can afford it and can contribute to this site. A portion of those subscription funds will be given in tzedakah to a jewish charity.

You can read more in the about page and contact the editor for an account.


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Likutey Moharan II, 12

Every single thing that a person experiences is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

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