I will be adding more podcasts to the page as the site develops, for now I have the Breslove Research Institute podcasts with a daily dose of Rebbe Nakhman and the Sichot HaRan. I will be adding more. If you host a podcast and would like it added here send me a message so I can add it to the site. You can download any of these podcasts and listen to them on the go, you can also subscribe to them by following the link.

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There will be a subscription service for users who can afford it and can contribute to this site. A portion of those subscription funds will be given in tzedakah to a jewish charity.

You can read more in the about page and contact the editor for an account.


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From Our Rabbis

Chazon Ovadia, Yahrzeit, page 77

The mitzvah of honoring parents extends beyond their lifetime. Even after they have passed away, we must continue to honor their memory.

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