Kabbalistic concept of the Sefirot

By: Joseph Estes

One of the meditations that Rebbe Nachman taught his disciples related to the Kabbalistic concept of the Sefirot, which are ten attributes or emanations through which God interacts with the world. In this meditation, one visualizes the ten Sefirot as a ladder stretching from earth to heaven. Starting from the bottom, one imagines ascending each Sefirah in turn, starting with Malkhut (Kingdom), then Yesod (Foundation), Hod (Majesty), Netzach (Victory), Tiferet (Beauty), Gevurah (Strength), Hesed (Love), Binah (Understanding), Hokhmah (Wisdom), and finally, Keter (Crown).

As one ascends each Sefirah, one can meditate on its qualities and attributes, and how they relate to the Divine and the individual. For example, when ascending Tiferet, one might contemplate the balance and harmony of the universe, and how one can strive to achieve this balance in one’s own life.

At the top of the ladder, one can visualize oneself standing before the Divine Presence, and experience a sense of awe and reverence. This meditation can help one to connect with the Divine, and to deepen one’s understanding of the Kabbalistic concept of the Sefirot.

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Joseph Estes

Joseph is a Breslov hasid living and working in Queens, NY he is the creator and editor of this site. You can contact him for any issues you need help with on the site.


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