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I mainly wanted to create a website for my portfolio of work, beyond that I also wanted to create a site where I could blog about Jewish subjects and takes on events. Some of the features on this site are just to display how to do it programmatically on a website. I will eventually set up separate sites (/directories) for the various sects of hasidism who write articles on here. Visitors can comment, but I will filter it out so there is no spam. I will explain some of the features of the site below.



There are a few really good Jewish podcasts, I will be adding more in time. On the sidebar of the site there is a simple player where you can listen to today’s reading from the Breslov Research Institute. If you host a podcast please get in touch so we can host your episodes here as well.


I offer “credits” users can spend on the site to advertise their products, websites, and services. Free users get 5 free credits (one ad per month is 5 credits) and premium members will have 30 available to use. This is just the beginning of this site so these may change. Essentially I want you (as the owner of credits) to be able to use those to sell ad space on the site to your local shuls businesses.


This is just offering random quotes from great rebbes of the Hasidic traditions, email us to submit your Rabbis quotes so other users can tweet them with their friends.


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- Price: $0 / month
- 1 User Account
- 5 Ad Credits
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One of the foundations of hasidism is tzedakah, this site will send a portion of the revenue from all ads and subscriptions to a charity (most likely Chabad or Breslov charities), if you would like to be added to the list of charities please reach out.

Breslov Chaburah

This is our current charity, you can find more info on them here

$17 raised

Goal: $1,000

About Us

Hasidic New Times

There will be a subscription service for users who can afford it and can contribute to this site. A portion of those subscription funds will be given in tzedakah to a jewish charity.

You can read more in the about page and contact the editor for an account.


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From Our Rabbis

Likutey Moharan II, 64

You are never alone. God is always with you, watching over you and guiding you.

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